Speedline Xtreme EURO 030 0W-30

  • Speedline Xtreme EURO 030 0W-30 is a full synthetic engine oil with a universal applicability in gasoline and diesel engines in passenger cars and light duty commercial vehicles. This oil provides a good lubricant film at a cold start, also at low temperatures and offers an excellent lubricant film at high operating temperatures as well.
  • Speedline Xtreme EURO 030 0W-30 with a special additive package, enable the engine to perform under all conditions. Also fuel saving and exhaust emission reduction can be obtained with this product. Because of the unique formulation, the oil has a low evaporation tendency.
  • Speedline Xtreme Euro 030 0W-30 offers improved fuel economy and fuel economy retention resulting in lower emissions. It controls high temperature oxidation and deposits and prevents sludge and varnish formation from surfaces standards for engine wear protection
  • Speedline Xtreme Euro 030 0W-30 meets the requirements of:
    • API SN/GF-5       VW503.00
    • VW 506.00       VW506.01


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